About Custom Painted Gun Stocks

Jay and his team has over 22+ years experience in custom painting and has been mentioned in notable magazines such as Car Craft, Mopar Muscle, Easy Riders, HotRod and more.

Jay has been using House of Kolor products, the leading custom color company, since the late 1980's and developed his customizing skills early in his career painting trick color custom motorcycles, hot rods, classic cars and more. Jay's customers have won trophies as a result of his custom work, and now he brings that same quality and service to the gun stock world.

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Fast Service - Nationwide

Simply break your gun down and send us your wooden or synthetic stocks, we'll do the rest. We will handle your stocks with kid gloves and will send regular email updates (including photos) of your gun stock as it goes through the customization process. We will turn your gun stock customization around in a fast and efficient manner, without compromising quality. All return shipments are insured and packed to ensure the safest possible delivery.