Custom Painted Gun Stock Services

We offer a wide range of custom gun stock painting and custom gun stock refinishing services. One of our most popular requests is for camouflage gun stocks. We also provide marbleizing, airbrushing, solid colors, matte finishes, custom painted striping, decals and more.

You can view samples of camouflage gun stocks here.

House of KolorView our HOUSE OF KOLOR, color swatches here.

custom painted gun stocks
custom painted gun stocks
custom painted gun stocks

Gun Stock Customization Process

Stocks are prepped in a 10 STEP procedure:

  1. First Step: Stock is cleaned of any kind of conditioner, polishes, oil treatment, etc., of any kind.
  2. Second: Imperfections, such as cuts, nicks and scrapes are repaired by sanding and fillers if needed, until all blemishes are repaired.
  3. Third: The stock is then sanded down and an epoxy primer is applied for proper adhesion.
  4. Fourth: After a day of drying and curing time, the stock is scuffed, and a 2-part primer is applied. This will fill and seal all the repairs and sanding from the prep procedure and provide the complete prepped surface for the paint application. (*NOTE: All steps and procedures are necessary to make sure that material build up will not become an issue in regards to weight and how hardware components fit after the product is finished).
  5. Fifth: The base ground coat is applied for complete coverage. (Example: A custom silver/white marblizer would receive a black base coat).
  6. Sixth: The Marblizer is applied with a moderate coat in good spraying conditions. Temperature and airflow is the key for a nice marbleizing job.
  7. Seventh: Working with a one-minute window, the cellophane is applied to accomplish the design and to achieve the marble look. Afterwards, the cellophane is removed.
  8. Eighth: Candy (if customization calls for it) is then applied. Candy is a tinted coating. Excessive candy can make the color blotchy or mottled. Candy has to be applied in perfectly even coats. My personal preference is a total of three coats of candy with a good 15 minute flash time in-between coats.
  9. Ninth: After the flash time, two separate clear coats are applied.
  10. Tenth: This last procedure is icing on the cake and brings out the true beauty. The stock is carefully sanded down with a 1200 grit wet sanding paper until all texture is removed. This requires EXTREME patience and you have to be extremely careful to avoid going through the clear coat, especially on the edges. The stock is then cleaned, clear coated again and polished to a very deep, slick, luster shine.
  11. custom painted gun stocks